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We Offer Several Options And Packages To Choose From:

A. “Pink” Professional Carpet Cleaning with (or without) DuPont Teflon Protector

B. “Pink” Premium Carpet Cleaning featuring “Green Seal” products

C. ‘Pink” Platinum Carpet Cleaning featuring “Hypo-Allergenic” product line

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Carpet Cleaning - Southwest Michigan

Serving Southwest Michigan
Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties

Our unique rotary jet extraction process can be applied with complete safety. Removing residues from previous cleanings, it leaves your carpet clean from “top to bottom!” Gritty soil cuts fibers, reducing carpet life while creating unsightly traffic lanes. Rotary jet extraction extends carpet life and enhances appearance. All major carpet manufacturers recommend this system.

Our Procedures Include:

Step 1: Heavy duty vacuuming. Research shows that 80% of the dirt in carpet is dry insoluble soil. This makes the first step perhaps the most important of all. Removing the maximum amount of dry soil is essential for preventing abrasion to the carpet fibers. Pre-vacuuming is critical because when dirt gets wet, it turns into mud, making it more difficult to remove.

Step 2: Preconditioning. We apply a specially formulated cleaning agent that will prepare your carpet for maximum soil suspension.

Step 3: Spot Removal. We have many special spotting agents to remove persistent stains. Fabric safety still remains our primary concern. So if removing the spot could possibly damage the carpet structure, we are going to inform you first allowing you to make the choice of whether we proceed.

Step 4: Gentle Agitation. This provides greater soil suspension, preparing for the next step, jet extraction.

Step 5: Heavy Duty “Rotary Jet Extraction” Rinse. Our cleaning techniques are unsurpassed! Your carpet will have that “like new” appearance again. We use only soft water to insure thorough soil removal. A rinsing agent is applied to balance the pH in your carpet, leaving little to no residue behind. Results...? A healthier indoor environment for you and your family plus an extended life for your carpet.

Step 6: DuPont Teflon Protector (optional). Your carpet will be treated with the ultimate in soil and stain protection. We believe in applying protector so much that we back it with a one-year warranty. This comes at no extra cost to you. For more information on how protector works, click here to watch a video.

Step 7: Final Finishing. We’ll carefully groom your carpet pile, resulting in uniform distribution of protector, faster drying and a finished detailed appearance. Finally, we set up a turbo air mover after each room has been cleaned to help expedite the drying time.

ServiClean One, the folks in the bright PINK vans
have gone GREEN!

Today, indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important environmental consideration, especially since we spend approximately 90 percent of our time indoors. Ask your representative about our all-natural environmentally safe “GREEN” cleaning product line. All products are “green seal certified” by the Carpet and Rug Institute. The all “green” product line uses rapidly biodegradable, renewable surfactants and contain no solvents. They are 100% non-toxic and are ideal for cleaning in homes with chemical sensitivities because they contain no added fragrances or dyes. Just another way ServiClean One shows they care about their customers and the earth they live on.


This option is ideal for homes with people who suffer from allergies. Because most people with allergies are sensitive to solvents, perfumes, and other hazardous chemicals, we now offer this safe and effective product line. You will receive the same quality cleaning as with our standard service, without the odors you may be sensitive to. An allergy relief treatment can be applied after the cleaning to deactivate the allergen in dust mite feces that triggers your body’s allergic response.

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